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Passman + Dominick @ Grist Mill on Friday

Passman + Dominick @ Grist Mill on Friday

Sebastian Hau-Walker @ Zedshed Saturday.

Sebastian Hau-Walker @ Zedshed Saturday.

Rob Gawthrop plays at the Grist Mill 

Rob Gawthrop plays at the Grist Mill 

Oliver W Scott Sunday evening

Oliver W Scott Sunday evening

This way Tipler by Oliver Scott

A generative pattern for three classical rave sounds. These noises have been used in the way they would expect: pitched, panned, delayed, etc - however I have provided all functions with the ability to travel through time in a forever changing, never repeating, endless piece.

I occasionally perform semi-generative pieces during live sets at the participatory events I co-curate for Kunst Kernewek. I have numerous ongoing sound projects - bits have been published through various labels: on, red arse records, Open Source Sound, Kingdom of Rad,  ◣.com, various other projects for the Rad Organisation and irregular shows on

Matt Rose - Larking by Robot Mother (Monochord Mix)

Matt Rose - Sound artist, acoustic ecologist and music librarian. 

Matt is currently writing a history of the Aeolian Harp.

Larking by Robot Mother (monochord mix)

This drone was created by sampling tiny snippets of sound

and processing them with extreme timestretching software.

Timothy Crowley - 3 Bells - Interactive sound installation

Please pick up the bell and swing it.

Two imac computers speak and respond to each other, through the use of their individual speakers and microphone. Each of their voices is one unique synthesised bell sound, and their response is to interact with each other, using ‘change ringing’ techniques, contained within their programs.

This installation depends on interaction from the audience.

The ‘lead’ bell is rung by swinging it, and the two other bells (the imacs) follow it’s course.

Andrea Flaminì - Macbeth Morse (To the last syllable of recorded time) - 7:55 - 2005

A passage from Shakespeare‘s Macbeth is translated to Morse code. The work is part of an ongoing series investigating private spaces and the smallest units of language.

" With elegant sophistication and underlying drama, Andrea Flamini taps into the world of short-wave radio transmission with a Morse code translation of a passage from Shakespeare’s Macbeth. The work is a hybrid, addressing classical technology and prose jettisoned into a suggestive contemporary context of spatial communication, condensed language, distress and romance." [McGuire]

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Matt Davis - Rain 2 - (9.00)

Matt Davis - London 1970

Working in improvised and experimental music since 1994 - using trumpet and field recordings. Has also directed ‘Field’ - a live art/performance project, operating since 2003.

His work investigates the question of sound (noise) as music; music as a tool for improvisation; improvisation as a tool for the creation of a space of encounter, not as a projection of a concept, but a space (place) which can be entered conceptually, experientially or otherwise.

Miles Bowe - Coastal Path

A precursory piece to a short film.

Recordings were made using hydrophones, exploring bodies of water in various states and locations.

Beginning with areas of ice at the bottom of a cliff, melting in the morning sun; moving underneath the sand as the tide approaches, to a stream originating from deep within a cave. Then below the waters of a sheltered harbour, until finally emerging where the swans feed.

Made In Cornwall, 2011

Robert Curgenven - Silent Landscapes No.2

Nightfall by a riverside camp near Wollumbin (Mt Warning), walking in dry grass, the sharp call of a single insect emerges. Above the nearby road, power lines catch the breeze – an echo finding resonance over 3000 kilometres west at Karlu Karlu (Devil’s Marbles) in Central Australia, where the wind strikes a parallel rhythm some years before. Further north, other winds blow in grevilleas lining the Buchanan Highway, en route to the Tanami Desert. Along a river, 20 metres deep in a flood that isolates a town, crickets pulse agitatedly on the Tropics’ edge. Two thousand kilometres east, aeolian currents bring the Musical Fence in Central Queensland to a slow crescendo. Finally, 2000 kilometres south east again, returning through the grass to camp, the cycle is, for now, complete.

Sally Rodgers - nano

A sound work and micro sculpture by Sally Rodgers that considers the diachronic miniaturisation of computing technologies. Using sonic archeology techniques and oral testimony from three generations of the same family ‘nano’ recreates the rattle and hum of obsolete computers and couples these sounds with a meditative oral narrative. Charting the life-span of computing, the story begins in the late 1950s when giant, noisy mainframe computers were first introduced into the workplace. Moving on through the 1980s with the start up sounds and whirring fans of early home computers and winding up in the abstract world of remote access, ‘nano’ considers the current generation of users whose computers are tiny and contain nothing but the sounds they choose to load into them.  To illustrate the concept further the accounts from Sally’s mother Shirley, sister Jayne and niece Bibi, and a bricolage of historical and recorded sounds are played back via miniature hardware.

Thaniel Ion Lee - Things We Choose To Ignore - American Eugenics

In this work i attempted to make a sonic metaphor for Americas’ ignorance of and its attempt to forget its own history of eugenics . i took a found radio program about the history of california’s eugenic program, and edited out all the information that was given and left only the dead air, microphone pops, vocal ticks, breaths and other sonic debris that we usually try to ignore. 

“My work is about the inner workings of my mind whether that be my inner struggle as a person with a disability or my surreal dreams”. Thaniel Ion Lee (US)