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(Un) Pleasant Over Drones

In November 2010 we put out a call for 60 second drones to form part of a continuous work entitled (Un) Pleasant Over Drones. Sixty six individuals or artists groups donated work and the resulting drone piece is now available for download. We have also put up the label and cd cover, listing all the participants and contextualising the work with the original call text. We are giving away a cdr of the piece to all visitors to the Resound event this year. In addition, we are organising a mass performance of the piece from car stereos on the morning of the last day of the festival, culminating with a drive past finale. We hope to document as much as possible of this performance and will put it on line as soon as we can. I would like to thank all of you for your generous input and faith in the project. Patrick

The compilation is available in MP3 format here: 

MP3 DOWNLOAD | Cover | Label


1) Jen-Kuang Chang (US)

2) Lane Last (US)

3) Jack Ryan (US)

4) Justin Thompson (IT)

5) Andy Skelton (UK)

6) Brian Schorn (US)

7) Denise Boyd (UK)

8) Jaxson Payne (UK)

9) Wardenclyffe Trio (UK)

10) Matthew Lever (UK)

11) Oliver Scott (UK)

12) Stephen Mark Barchan (UK)

13) Biagio “Blaise” Francia

14) Wolfgang Dorninger (AT)

15) Team Zatara (Rachel Kessler/Matthew Fielder) 

16) Travis Thatcher (US)

17) Rudi Punzo (IT)

18) Uta Baldauf (D/UK)

19) Jon Sterckx (UK)

20) Joseph Tremonti (US)

21) Maximum Adventure Series (CA)

22) Kristen Nyce (US)

23) Nathaniel Murphy (US)

24) Paul Williams (UK)

25) Marc Behrens (D)

26) Ed Osborn (US)

27) Mimosa (Lucia H Chung) (Taiwan)

28) Alan Coutis (ARG)

29) Mario Sarramian (E)

30) Pablo Martin Coble (E)

31) Hassan Pitts (US)

32) Udo Noll (DE)

33) Jennida Chase (US)

34) Roger Mills (UK/AU)

35) Claire Kearns (UK)

36) Parafonia (Mark van Tongeren) (NL)

37) David Handford (UK)

38) Neil Jenkins (UK/AU)

39) John Saylor (US)

40) Sebastiane Hegarty (UK)

41) Steve Burnett (US)

42) Kevin Jenkins (UK)

43) Daniel Blinkhorn (AU)

44) Jack Harris (UK)

45) Luke Munn (DE)

46) Michael Szpakowski (UK)

47) Greg Debicki (CA)

48) David Newman (US)

49) Sarah Boothroyd (CA)

50) Imaginary Forces (UK)

51) Adam Tindale (CA)

52) Gintas K (Kraptavicius) (LITH)

53) Craig Leonard (CA)

54) Rob Bentall (UK)

55) Poly 5 (UK)

56) Justin Thompson (IT)

57) John Maters (NL)

58) Ari F (UK)

59) Ian Baxter (UK)

60) Stephen Mark Barchan (UK)

61) Markus Jones (UK)

62) Susan Brewster (UK)

63) Osvaldo Cibils (UR/IT)

64) MM Poznanska (UK)

65) Scott F. Hall (US)

66) Marc Arsenault (US)

67) Massimiliano Viel (IT)

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